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Skywagons.com was formerly established in 1989, and specializes in aircraft sales and brokerage. We focus on the sale of used single engine utility type aircraft. Its Founder, Joe Stancil Jr. who has bought and sold over 1900 aircraft in that time, sold the business in 2010 to his long time employee of 17 years, Mark Pilkington. Mark will continue the tried and true tradition of aircraft sales, and customers past and future will not see any difference in the quality and service they have come to expect. Skywagons.com will still very much specialize in the Cessna 180, 185, 206, 182 types, but will also turn it's attention to other aircraft to create a varied and desirable inventory such as Beechcraft, Piper and Mooney. The new company will also offer a comprehensive brokerage service to private aircraft owners wishing to sell their aircraft. We are very familiar with international aircraft sales and can assist in the export paperwork and physical shipping of any aircraft to any part of the world. Please look through the website and contact us by phone or e-mail at any time.

We are open seven days a week..


Mark Pilkington


Recently updated

  • 1979 Cessna Turbo 182RG
    1979 Cessna Turbo 182RG $115,000 (Here at Placerville) - N756WE
    CESSNA 182
  • 2005 Maule M-4-180V
    2005 Maule M-4-180V $79,500 (Here at Placerville) - N799ZZ
  • 1978 Mooney M20J 201
    1978 Mooney M20J 201 $97,500 (Here at Placerville) - N777LT
  • 1998 Mooney Encore M20K
    1998 Mooney Encore M20K $185,000 (Here at Placerville) - N43PG
  • 1983 Cessna 185F Skywagon
    1983 Cessna 185F Skywagon $155,500 (Here at Placerville) - N714NT
    CESSNA 180's/185's
  • 1982 Cessna 185F Skywagon $230,500 (Floats available) - N318NR
    CESSNA 180's/185's
  • 1978 TU 206G Stationair Amphibian
    1978 TU 206G Stationair Amphibian $185,500 (Here at Placerville) - N756UF
    CESSNA 206

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  • Mark and Kerry were the best to deal with. This was my first airplane purchase, a Cessna 182, and they both took all the time I needed to get my questions answered. They were both extremely helpful in walking me through the process of purchasing an airplane. On top of everything else they were both just great people. Placerville will be one of the places I visit when looking for the elusive $100 hamburger and I will stop in just to shoot the breeze with both of them.

    Not only did I get a great plane at a good price, I made two great friends in the process!

    When I upgrade to a "bigger and better" airplane I guarantee I will go through them again.David A.