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A list of several financial institutions that provide financing for aircraft.

30 years helping the aviation community obtain insurance coverage. A professional, experienced and dedicated staff, with over 50 years combined experience in placing Aviation Insurance Coverage. We represent the major insurance markets. CLICK on the blue text for an online quote or call 800-666-4359. Click Here

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B.A.S. INERTIAL REEL SHOULDER HARNESS - B.A.S. - It's the cheapest insurance you will ever buy. Joe's wife, Doralee was flying this plane when she crashed in December of 1989. That same day she went to a Christmas party without so much as a scratch. She swears that if it had not been for her just recently installed B.A.S. Inertial reel shoulder harness, she would be dead when her face smashed into the panel which ended up in her lap. Tail wheel pilots with manual flaps are asking for trouble if they don't switch out their regular shoulder harnesses for inertial reel harnesses. By loosening the normal shoulder harnesses to provide enough slack to reach down to pull on flaps, you are also allowing your body to fly forward too much in the event of a crash, and believe me, your body will FLY forward. If you don't buy anything else for your airplane, please consider buying inertial reel shoulder harnesses.

AEROSTOP SEAT LOCKS - Aerostop Seat Locks - Never worry about having your seat slip back again. What a bummer that would be on takeoff!

VG KITS - VG Kits - After talking with many owners, I feel the best and most complete kit is marketed by Charlie White at "Micro AeroDynamics, Inc." 800-677-2370 at (or just click our link). I have just received a kit and am going to install it when my 1976 185F gets out of the paint shop and the new Aerocet floats are installed. Call me for the results 530-642-2806 after Oct. 1, 2002 when I get back from Alaska.

P-PONK KIT - P-Ponk Aviation - Triple the shear strength of your gear box.

TAIL CONE LIFT HANDLES - B.A.S. - Makes ground handling of those tail draggers much easier.

KENMORE GROSS WEIGHT INCREASE KIT - Kenmore Air Harbor - Only available on 1964 or newer Cessna 180's with 185 style vertical fin and rudder. Increases the gross weight up to 3190 lbs.

THE LANDING GEAR WORKS - XP Modifications, F. Atlee Dodge - Larger diameter tailwheel rolls over rough terrain easier. Provides more floatation for mud and sand.

FOLDING JUMP SEATS - LakeVue Aeronautics now owns the STC - Easily fold up against side of fuselage. More utility.

NEED MORE FUEL? - Flint Aero, Inc. - has both integral and wing tip extensions for extra capacity. Sierra Industries has extra capacity up to 54 gallons integral tans. Monarch has Fiberglass replacement tanks and extra capacity integral tanks. O & N has a fuselage 18 gallon internal tank.

WING-X WING TIP EXTENSIONS - Wing-X (SPRING AVIATION LTD.) - Shorten takeoff run. Gain up to a 400 lb. gross weight increase.

STOL KITS - Sportsman, Horton, and Robertson STOL (Sierra Industries) are some of the stol kits currently available. Bush, MidAmerica, Av-Con and Crosswind are examples of other Stol kits you may find on used aircraft but are no longer available. All extend the leading edge with a more pronounced cuff except for the Robertson STOL (Sierra Industries) which only extends 1972 and earlier, but droops the ailerons. My personal favorite would have to be the Sportsman for the biggest bang for your buck on any 73 and up 180-185. The Robertson STOL (Sierra Industries) good but twice the installation cost of the Sportsman. On an early 180-185 the Horton at @ $799.00 or $1399.00 factory installed would be the biggest change for the least money. Some friends of mine have gone as far as combining a Sportsman cuff with the Robertson STOL (Sierra Industries) drooped aileron system for the ultimate STOL capability!

EXTENDED BAGGAGE Selkirk Aviation. Specializing in rugged, durable, lightweight interior fiberglass aricraft parts. I love their extended baggage.

CARGO PODS Aeropod - Much cheaper than factory cargo pods. Available only for Cessna 185's. PMA - New manufacture.